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Mercy Corp Reports and Editing Internship 2016 in Nigeria ($1,500 stipend/month and fully funded)

11:57 AM 2016

The Humanitarian portfolio covers the emergency response to the needs of conflict affected populations in north east Nigeria and we operate across three states with funding sources (including but not limited to O.F.D.A., F.F.P., E.C.H.O. and the E.U.,) with multi-sector interventions in food security, livelihoods, protection, W.A.S.H. among others. You be expected to engage in the development and editing of reports and learning documents.

Our portfolio covers work across the middle belt of Nigeria and is looking to expand into the Northeast. Historically our portfolio has focused on cross-communal conflicts emerging from lack of institutional arraignments to manage the limited resources across the region. Our conflict programs are funded by the British Government, USAID, Department of State and foundations.

Internship Title : Nigeria – Reports and Editing Intern

Intern Worksite Location : Abuja, Nigeria

Dates of Internship : 01 April 2016 to 30 September 2016

Length of Internship : 6 months

Intern Responsibilities

Intern will remain responsible for all costs associated with :
Medical Insurance
Any additional costs associated with internship

$1500 stipend/month
ISOS Coverage
Visa reimbursement
Deadline : Ongoing

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