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International office scholarship The University

11:47 AM 2016

International office scholarship

The University of Bristol is delighted to announce five International Office Scholarships for new international students for 2016-entry.

The scholarships of £8,500 each will be available for prospective undergraduate students. This is divided as follows : £3,000 in year 1, £3,000 in year 2 and £2,500 in year 3 (no awards will be made for subsequent years).

Who can apply ?

Eligible students :

All applicants must be classed as international students for fee purposes.
All applicants must already hold an offer of a place on a full-time undergraduate programme at the University of Bristol.
Applicants may be from any discipline.
Sponsored students and students in receipt of another scholarship/award over £3,000 are not eligible to apply.
Current University of Bristol students are not eligible to apply.
How to apply

Visit here


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